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All prices listed in Norwegian Kroner (NOK)

*Please read this before you make your reservation*

A purchased ticket/reservation at Mountain Kings Sledehundkennel is non-refundable. In the event of causes that cannot be controlled by the salesperson,  for example weather conditions, including lack of snow, national security orders, national or local government instructions, where the arrangement cannot be completed, the salesperson will offer to rearrange the reservation, and the arrangement is not considered cancelled. The same guidelines also apply in the event that the ticket buyer himself is prevented from carrying out the event as planned.
 Given the current situation we are in with covid-19, the ticket buyer must recognize that the purchase of a ticket entails an increased risk that the salesperson will have to move the reservation without the right to a refund.

-Be sure to include your full name and a telephone number in your reservation, so we can get ahold of you if necessary

-We advise you to show up at the kennel 10-15 minutes before the trip, as all instructions will be given on the set time.

-Should you be late for any reason, give us a call as soon as you can. If we don’t hear from you, we will depart without you as soon as the other guests are ready.

-All adults (everyone over 12 years) will be teamed up two and two on a sled, with one driving, and one riding as passenger. We will give you the option to switch half way

-Children under 12 years will be seated as passengers in a guide sled, unless anything else has been agreed upon

-You are yourself responsible to wear proper warm winter clothing for the trip, including warm boots, gloves and a hat. Ski goggles can be nice on snowy days.

-We do not allow people to drive the sled without a passenger. If you are alone, or your group have an odd number of adults, you will be teamed up with a guide, or another guest.

-If you do not want to drive the sled yourself, and you don’t have a family member or friend to drive you, let us know in advance so we can team you up with a guide.

-Our dogs are all friendly and social, we still advice you to pay close attention to your children so they DON’T RUN around the dogs. Before the trip, the dogs are all fired up and full of adrenalin, so we normally advice you to save the cuddles for after the trip.

-Pay close attention to the instructions given by the guide, as they will be critical to your enjoyment and the safety of the dogs.

-If you show up at the kennel visibly affected by alcohol or any other kind of substance, you will be told to LEAVE, and will not be eligible for a refund.