About us

Mountain King’s Sledehundkennel have been providing dog sledding trips for tourists visiting Trysil for 30 years. As a company we take pride in giving our guests the best experience possible, and more importantly providing a fun, loving and healthy environment for our dogs. They mean the world to us!

Main staff:


Owner / main guide

Terje has been a dog musher for over 30 years. He started working for a local tourist kennel at the age of 17, and quickly went on to start his own business. Terje has built his company from the ground up working long shifts on the kennel every single day of his adult life. On top of that, he was a single parent for a number of years and had to work part time jobs on top of running the kennel, to make ends meet. That’s dedication! He is known by friends and family for his high spirits, good sense of humor, and a strong passion and love for his dogs. He is a prime example of a good leader, as he treats all of his employees (both two- and four-legged) like family. 

Favorite type of dog: the strong leaders


Dog handler / guide

Being Terje’s nephew by marriage, Isak started dog mushing at a young age, owning his first own dog team at the age of 15 (!). He volunteered his first full season at the kennel in the winter of 2011/2012, and came back as a full time employee early 2018. Isak is a really hard worker, and a calm and gentle soul. He is not known to be much of a heavy talker, but on the rare occasion he does say something, it’ll sure make you laugh!

Favorite type of dog: the shy, reserved and “invicible” ones


Dog handler / guide

Nils was to some degree born into mushing. His dad was mushing a small private dog team when Nils was very young, and his uncle was a dog musher in the tourist industry for years (the first to provide tourist trips in Trysil and Terje’s first employer). Nils started volunteering at the kennel during the 2016/2017 season, and has been a full time employee since the latter part of 2017. In strong contrast to his two colleagues, Nils LOVES to talk! In fact, once he gets going you might have a hard time making him shut up! Due to this fact, he will most likely lead the social interractions during your visit.

Favorite kind of dog: the happy, eccentric types

Since the dogs really are our most valued staff, we would prefer to mention every single one of them. That is of course not possible, so we will make due with presenting the king & queen of the pack:

Tank & Border

Tank & Border

King & Queen


Born in 2007, Tank is now an old man with plenty of experience. Tank has been Terje’s most trusted lead dog through his life, and chances are that if you visited some time during the last 10 years, Tank was the one leading the charge. Tank is a very unique dog in many ways. If we prepare our trail with the snow mobile and miss the old trail by a meter or two, Tank will pull the entire dog team out into the deep snow, to show us where the trail is supposed to be. His strong leadership and calm manner, makes him a perfect mentor to teach young leaders the ropes. He has a very strong connection with his owner Terje, and don’t really care too much about anyone else. If you put him on a team driven by someone other than his master, he will simply sit down and refuse to run. He is by now half blind and half deaf, but he does not show signs of being ready to pass the torch just yet! There is really only one bad thing to say about this guy, and that is the fact that he has proven to be sterile, and can sadly not produce offspring.



Border was born in 2009, and lived the first part of her life as a long distance racing dog for Ralph Johannesen. She moved into the kennel just after the Femund race in 2012, and to our surprise she turned out to be pregnant. Border is a really solid leader, and has been Terje’s secondary leader for the last few years. Border is a really charming lady, with a calm manner. She loves to meet & greet our guests, if she is roaming around off leash. You can easily recognize her due to the fact that she talks to everyone she meets, with howling noises and a wagging tail. Border has proven to be a prime breeding female, and have mothered quite a few of the dogs at the kennel.